Your adventure begins...

You pick up your pace, pressing through the crowded downtown streets to follow her — a stranger you’ve only just laid eyes on moments ago. Her disguise is clever, but the likeness is undeniable. You don’t know what will happen when you catch up to her. All you know is that you’ve been told she holds the answers to your questions, and once you’ve seen her you’re not to let her out of your sight. 

You keep a safe distance as you watch her turn down an unmarked alley and walk up to a door with no number. She knocks out a secret rhythm, summoning a man from inside who cracks the door to let her through. As she ducks into the portal and out of sight, she peers back over the lapel of her coat and briefly holds your gaze. She seems to silently beckon you into the darkness. Will you follow her? 

This is the world of LIMINUS, a pervasive performance that is taking place all around you and will appear only to those who seek it out. Adventurous audiences can traverse this open world, guided to secret rendezvous throughout Boston by a companion mobile application (powered by It will be up to you to uncover the mysteries of LIMINUS and piece together the stories of its inhabitants before they disappear forever.