Frequently asked questions about the experience...

What is LIMINUS?

LIMINUS is a hard to define. It’s a combination of augmented reality gaming and theater magic. With the help of our partners at Motive.io, the experience will send you on a journey to uncover hidden scenes tucked away in secret locations across Boston.

It’s one story with many players, taking place all around you, accessible from wherever you are, whenever you want.


What is the access token and why do I need it?

Your access token is like a ticket to an amusement park, only the amusement park spans across the Greater Boston area. It will provide you permissions to use the mobile application that powers the show, giving you opportunities to discover a story that has been layered on top of your world. You cannot begin your journey without it!


How do I experience the show?

LIMINUS moves throughout Boston and Cambridge, and it requires a smartphone to access. A mobile application is your guide through the experience, storing your milestones and introducing you to new characters. It's compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Without a smartphone, it will be very difficult for you to fully experience the show.

With that in mind, we don’t want to leave anyone out just because they choose to live an analogue life. Send us a message before purchasing your access token if you need to experience the show without the aid of a smartphone.


Where is the show located and what time does it start?

This show has no proscenium and no curtain time. The experience starts and ends when you tell it to. The mobile application powered by Motive.io responds to your physical location and structures the experience around you, allowing you to begin, pause, and resume your journey from wherever you like. Through this application and the quests it contains, you will be guided to secret encounters and spectacular performances tucked away across Boston and Cambridge. 


What if there is bad weather?

The show goes on! Thanks to the sophisticated technology developed by Motive.io, our application can tell the difference between a sunny day and a snowy one. If the weather turns sour, it will automatically adjust your trajectory. We can’t promise that you won’t get just a little wet, though…


I don't live in Boston. Will an access token still allow me to participate in the experience?

We look forward to optimizing the show so that is can be witnessed in multiple cities at the same time; however, that capability is still just beyond our grasp. You may be able to remotely access some of the mini-challenges within the mobile application, but we do not recommend purchasing an access token if you do not live in the Greater Boston area.


I have a special accessibility need. Will I still be able to experience this show?

Creating an accessible show is very important to us. While we won’t be able to bring all the accessibility features we'd like to this version of the show, we are working on several exclusive experiences for our audiences who move through the world differently than the masses. If you want to experience this show, but have questions about accessibility, get in touch with us!


I'm unavailable during the demo? Have I missed my chance?

This is just the beginning. We'll be back...


Still have questions?

Don't be shy... get in touch!